Answers About Filling Concrete Cracks

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Answers About Filling Concrete Cracks

As the concrete on your property ages, it will start to suffer an increasing amount of wear. Often, this will culminate in the surface of the concrete developing a series of cracks. While this is a routine problem, there are many property owners that can make the crack mistake of underestimating the severity of this problem or the ease with which they will be able to repair it.

Recognize That Concrete Cracks Are A Serious issues

Cracks in a concrete surface will be a problem that can rapidly worsen when a person fails to take corrective action. For example, these cracks will be able to spread across much of the surface in a way that can result in the concrete needing to be replaced. While this is an extremely serious problem to encounter, it is also one that can be repaired fairly easily because contractors can use crack fillers to effectively patch these damages.

Prepare the Surface Before Applying Crack Filler

In order for the crack filler to be as effective as possible, the surface that is cracked will need to be prepared. In most cases, this will only involve a need to thoroughly clean the crack and to remove any small rocks or other debris that is in it. These materials will be able to stop the crack filler from being able to effectively bond to the concrete, which can lead to it failing. Once this has been thoroughly cleaned, you may want to wait for it to dry before adding the filler. Excessive moisture could weaken the filler or even impair it from binding to the concrete.

Protect The Filler Until It Has Dried

Once the filler has been applied to the concrete, you will want to give it enough time to fully dry and harden before you stress it or possibly disturb it. The amount of the filler used will determine the amount of time needed for it to dry. However, it's unlikely to need more than a few hours to dry and harden. During this time, you will want to avoid walking, driving, or moving furniture over the filler as this could serious disturb it. Placing a small cone or other markers near the patch will help to remind yourself of the need to avoid this area so that you do not inadvertently damage the filler by having a lapse of memory.

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